Cliches and nuggets

On a journey, sooner or later, wisdom creeps in. Or the lack thereof. Some cliches/nuggets collected on the way:

Working harder the same way to solve a recurrent problem is, well, stupidity, at best.

Make do with less, unless it starts breaking down. Less data, less processes, less code…

We make things complex because making it simple is far more difficult.

Culture, by far, is the most important thing leaders can build for an organization.

Culture building starts from hiring.

Don’t create another document, or another process, or another hierarchal level, when a problem presents itself.

Documents, plans, suits, meetings, more often than not, creates an illusion of work. This illusion gives an illusion of safety.

Social skills are great but they hardly replace the skills needed to do the job. More so, if you are hands on.

Good by accident is different from good by design. Don’t confuse between the two. Good by accident is short lived.

Technology per se don’t live long, unless they solve a human problem.

Data outlasts applications.

Ideas are dime a dozen, it’s implementation that matters.

P.S: This is a lazy post to break the hiatus, as you might have guessed. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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